Video: President Fan from Town Hall Meeting Loses Job

Velma Hart taking the President to task on his policies during a Town Hall Meeting in September.

A major supporter for President Obama came to him back in September for some answers about his administration and find out exactly what was going on.  She basically needed a progress report because, as she said on the CNBC broadcast of the town hall meeting, her and her husband were starting to get worried that they were on their way back to the rice and beans era they thought they left behind.

Well, Velma Hart was CFO for AmVets, a non-profit out of the D.C. area, when she met with the President about his policies and “change” that she had yet to see.  And now today, she’s realized her worst fears that she shared with President Obama. She is on the unemployment line. AmVets Executive Director, Jim King told the Washington Post that it wasn’t her fault she was fired and it had nothing to do with her job performance.  They were just looking to cut corners like everyone else.

The incident didn’t ring ironic to her boss having had this fear and sharing it with the President.  All he could say was “She got bit by the same snake that has bit a lot of people. It was a move to cut our bottom line.”  To refresh your memory of the exchange between Hart and President Obama check it out:

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