Jokey Joke: SNL Gives New Meaning to TSA (Video)

Saturday Night Live never fails to spoof something without hilarious results.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had to see this one coming.  After the outburst we reported that John Tyner had last week telling the agent not to touch his “junk”, we’re surprised they didn’t go after him.  But, the joke they pulled instead is probably what Tyner was afraid of if they had touched his junk.

SNL brought out what everyone is thinking when they pass through security.  That’s why so many people are in an uproar over the, seemingly, excessive pat down.  The extra attention may be too much for some.  It may even bring some unwelcomed attention to one of the security agents.  We worry about what the TSA will do to someone, but after seeing this, maybe we should be worried about TSA and what they may encounter after touching someone the “right” way.  Check it out:

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