2,000 Fetuses Found in Thailand Buddhist Temple

A Buddhist temple is not where anyone would look for a fetus, especially not multiple fetuses numbering in the thousands.  The smell was so overwhelming that it led authorities straight to their mortuary where they discovered 300 fetuses last Tuesday.  But when they returned on Friday they had multiplied by more than five times that amount, according to the Associated Press.

The temple made arrangements with the clinic to destroy fetuses from illegal abortions.  They had the fetuses in the temple for a year.  They were placed in white plastic bags and lined up neatly.  One person working at the clinic told police that they had started delivering fetuses to the temple early this year.  The agreement began much sooner though.

Abortion is illegal in Thailand. There are only three conditions within the law that allow for an abortion: rape, a pregnancy that may harm the life of the woman, and an abnormal fetus.  Thailand is wide open with a  huge sex industry, yet they outlaw abortions or prevent women from making their own decisions about their pregnancies.  Everyone involved in this “fetal sting” will be fined and/or jailed.  The woman who brought them is facing up to five years and a $333 fine.

Read the full report here.

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