Man Shoots TV Over Palin’s DWTS Performance

Steven Cowan, 67, shoots out television over Bristol Palin performance on DWTS.

Sarah Palin has some real haters out there that are waiting to ruin her daughter’s life. Because of her, people feel that her daughter has an unfair advantage that is not fair to the rest of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars.  The shows like American Idol and DWTS, that ask the viewers to vote in the winner of the show, have caused some people to lose their mind.

A man in Wisconsin turned on his television to watch DWTS and who should he see but the enemy…Bristol Palin (at least that’s what his mind said to him).  He was furious over her performance and maybe one of the judges gave her too many points or something, but the next thing that happened was a full indicator that his cheese had slid completely off the cracker.

Steven Cowan, 67, took out his rifle and let her have it! BLAMMMM! The TV was smokin’ and laying on the floor.  But no, he was still mad, so he turned the rifle on his wife. “Go get me some mo’ guns woman!” (loosely translated) And she bolted out of the house.  It’s believed that Cowan suffers from bi-polar disorder.  Check out the rest of his crazy antics here.

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