Video: Cab Driver in Wild Chase with Police for Kidnapped Fare

Cab driver, Osei Kwame, led a chase with police over an alleged non-paying fare.

Cab drivers are very cautious of the fares they take in their cab.  But this cab driver figured he had a person who wouldn’t stiff him, so he picked her up and ….uh oh!  “You don’t pay?!  You say to me, you not pay?! No, No, No! You will go back!!” (loosely translated) But, that’s essentially the story…according to the lawyer for the cab driver.

According to Good Morning America, the cab driver, Osei Kwame, held a small chase with police through the streets of Boston with a young woman named Kate Patterson having a taped 911 conversation in complete fear that she was being kidnapped.  She really got scared when she thought he wouldn’t stop once the police started pursuit of the cab. She said, “He’s not even stopping for the cops, oh my God, please help!”

When he stopped, he was arrested and charged with failing to stop for a police officer and kidnapping. Check it out! Keep hope alive brotha!

-J.C. Brooks

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