Virginia School Drops ‘F’ From Grades

All the students that know about the new grading system heading their way are elated.  The whole country’s children are waiting for their crack at this alternative grading system, so they can stop getting in trouble.  With a grading system that alleviates failure from your child’s possibilities, maybe the school system will teach parents how to better handle an under-performing student.

The students at West Potomac High School in Alexandria, Va., are getting the chance to experience the new system.  But, there’s a lot of educators and students on both sides of the fence regarding this type of grading system.  Some believe that it will do nothing but serve as a disservice to those who aren’t keeping up.  But then there are others that believe that without the traditional competitive grading system it helps students fill the gaps between winning and losing.  It helps them live outside the parameters of competition and actually focus them on what they’re learning.

Some professors have been known to start their students off with an “A” at the beginning of their semester and then tell them they have to work hard to keep it.  Read here for the full report and see the other well known institutions that use the system and tell us what you think.

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