Video: Cat Goes Up Against Alligator…Who Wins?

A family is vacationing down in the Bayou when they run across a nice area near the water. They have a couple family cats that no one will ever refer to as scaredy.  The family was away from the water doing something when up from the water slinks a gator.  Now after you see this footage, you’ll see that this gator isn’t fit for anything but a spot outside a Detroit club matching a pink suit.

One cat comes up against the gator in a stare off.  The gator gives in and saunters back to the water (letting the cat know that he let him stare him down, but he’s not scared of him).  But then, the gator comes back with his homie … to do some kind of gator ride by.  And the cat says, “C’MON SON! You ain’t doin’ nothin’!” And he rolls over and gets his homie.  Now it’s an even fight.  Who do you think wins? Check it out:

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