Airline Abandons Passengers on Runway for Hours

If you were travelling from Atlanta to Dallas and your plane landed in Las Vegas wouldn’t you have questions for the airline? Well, if the crew is gone (including the pilot) and the restrooms are locked who are you going to talk to?  Well, this is what happened on a Ryanair  flight from Morocco to France.  But, rather than your trip ending in France, you’re in Belgium looking out the window on the runway like WTF??!!

The passengers, in a sitting protest, vowed to not use the plane until someone gave them some answers.  That sounds reasonable, right?  Well, they ended up staying on board for three hours with no food or bathroom.  The firefighters had to show up to get the people settled down and out of the plane.  They were determined to get into France hook or crook.

Shouldn’t the airline return their passengers’ money?  Don’t they deserve some sort of explanation.  At the time of the report, Ryanair wasn’t even responding to the media. Read the rest of the report here.

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