Video: Cop Caught Having Sex in Car While On Duty


There’s a cop out there right now really kicking himself for being a cheap date.  He’s probably thinking, “If only I would’ve sprung for that hotel room none of this would be happening right now.” Dummy! What were you thinking?  And don’t let it come out that she was a hooker! Then the shizzle will hit the fizzle fo’ shizzle.

It’s still unclear from the audio transmission what was going on in the Deputy’s car the morning of September 19.  But, the Snohomish county deputy was engaging in something that sounded like it left a woman moaning in his car when dispatch tried to communicate with his vehicle, according to the Washington state news station King 5.  Somehow, the officer accidentally “keyed the mic on his radio.”

Even though he’s on administrative leave for the incident, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office says this is not a crime. It is more like misconduct because he was on duty, but “unavailable.”  You be the judge. Check out the report:

4 thoughts on “Video: Cop Caught Having Sex in Car While On Duty”

  1. What an idiot. Any cop so nasty as to have sex on duty…no access to a ahower…waste taxpayer dollers….and diregard his job to serve and protect???

    He needs to be fired. The only thing he served was his penis to a hungry slut dumb enough as him to go along with it.

    This happens to often…cops are not above the law, nor are they above cameras and getting arrested.

    That’s what his sorry A** gets, and the tramp need to pay as well.

  2. Don’t forget the snoop mosh cop who raped a 17 yr old girl after a car accident n then took her home!!!

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