Jay-Z Wants New Book ‘Decoded’ Via Scavenger Hunt

As usual, in Jay-Z style, he’s trying to set the bar higher with the innovative way he’d like to launch his new book.  The new book focuses on his albums and helps readers decipher the language that has held some fans bewildered.  But now he’s giving the reader a chance to decipher those old lyrics using his new book “Decoded”.

But then he’s not stopping there.  He’s releasing his book today via scavenger hunt.  Hints will be left around the Internet for you to decipher and travel the world, via Internet, finding different pages of his book.  Innovative and genius right?  Don’t worry, he’s putting on the virtual scavenger hunt, but it’s certain that the book will be in your local Barnes & Nobles as well.

The winner of the scavenger hunt gets an autographed copy and….well check out an excerpt from the book as well as his video on how you can take part in the scavenger hunt.  Check it out! This has to be the most genius way a book has ever been launched. Wait till you see where the first page is found.

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