Chaperone Molests Son’s Fifth Grade Friends on Field Trip

Tomas Manzano,35, guilty of fondling fifth graders on school trip.

The most bizarre case of child molestation has occurred on a field trip from Connecticut to New York City. During the trip, a man was supposed to be a chaperon for his son’s fifth grade class, but instead he was sipping vodka the whole time and looking for girls…little girls.  The fool admits to “fondling” the girls in his son’s class.

The vile, piece of trash that is, Tomas Manzano, 35, has been behind bars since the incident occurred in June, but the ruling for fondling five little girls is only six months!  Can you believe that?  Where’s Oprah when you need her?  She has the crusade against child predators.  And it appears that he will have to sign up as a sex offender and they’re letting him out because he’s served the six month term that he was given.

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