Bill Clinton In Hangover 2?

Cameo roles are supposed to be all in fun.  They’re something that grabs the viewer and add quality to the movie.  But when we heard that Bill Clinton had snagged a role in the Hangover 2…a movie about a bachelor party gone awry?  It seemed eerily ironic.  Yes, it would add to the movie and everyone is probably laughing their ass off about the director’s choice, but there is no way that Hillary is getting a kick out of this.

He may just be walking through the film telling them to be careful or they may kidnap him or steal one of Hillary’s dresses, but something tells me that the slightest hint of innuendo to his past will be viewed as being in bad taste.  They must have found some way to keep Bill’s part clean as a whistle. 

Read more here on Bill’s role.

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