White Barber’s Lack of Skills Lands Him in Racial Hotbed

A white barber in a small town on the  New Hampshire/Vermont border called Bellows Falls, seemed to be saving face when he told a black man that came by his shop that he (the barber) wasn’t in. The man was just looking for a cut, he didn’t know the barber’s face because he was visiting from out of town.  He simply inquired to the barber if he COULD do his hair.  But, instead of telling he felt uncomfortable cutting black hair and quite honestly, he really didn’t know how to cut black hair, he lied.

The lie Mike Aldrich thought was little and white, snowballed on him after Dr. Darryl Fisher came back past his window an hour later and saw him cutting a white patron’s hair.  The incident started a major rally against him that included other white folks that were mad at how their town would be depicted because of the incident. Fisher sent a letter to the editor of ther local paper about what Aldrich had done and from that moment, Aldrich could not be more embarrassed.  Didn’t his mama ever teach him that honesty is the best policy? Was he really trying to “refuse” service for racial reasons? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Read for more details here.

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