Coming Soon: Cell Phones That Test for STD’s

There’s a new phone coming your way that you might want more than the ever-coveted iPhone.  The cell phone that tests for Sexually Transmitted Disesases! If you won’t get with the Wrap It Up Campaign, you will DEFINITELY be on board for the RAP It Up Campaign.  As much as we use our cell phones we will never NOT know our status with this new application.

The app comes out of the UK, where STD’s are also on the rise.  These phones will finally provide the private results that everyone can appreciate.  The app project is called eSTI2″ (Electronic Self-Testing Instruments for Sexually Transmitted Infections) and is being co-researched by University of London. 

Now you say, “How is this possible?” Well the researchers have developed a chip that is similar to a birth control test in using urine or saliva to smear on it.  You plug the chip in your phone and voila!  But throw the chip away when you’re done…kinda close for comfort all up in your face right?

Read more here about the fascinating STD tracking phone.

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