Hurricane Katrina Murder Case Hits Court Against Officers

Henry Glover, pictured here with his daughter Nehemiah Short, was shot dead and his burned body was found near the Mississippi River in 2005.

The crimes that were committed by law enforcement during Hurricane Katrina are finally coming to light in court.  The chaotic tragedy left many thinking they would never see justice for their loved ones, but the time has come…at least for five officers connected to the shooting and burning death of one New Orleans resident.

According to the Huffington Post, Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann and Officer Gregory McRae tossed a flare in a car and burned the body of 31-year old Henry Glover to cover up the evidence of their shooting Glover and leaving him for dead. The U.S. Assistant Attorney, Tracey Knight, also charged Lt. Robert Italiano and Lt. Travis McCabe of falsifying a report to get officer David Warren off the hook for shooting Glover.

Knight said during the case Wednesday, “They thought no one was watching and no one would care about Henry Glover, but they were wrong.”  Glover’s death is still very raw for the community as leaders and family members came out to rally against the police officers yesterday. Also, officers that witnessed the incident felt Warren was wrong and had abused his authority.  Linda Howard, who was partnered with Warren, gave damaging testimony against him saying that Glover was not armed when Warren shot Glover.  “He said, ‘I didn’t hit him.’ I said, ‘Yes, you did,'” she said.

Glover and a friend drove up in a truck to a strip mall where Warren was assigned when he allegedly yelled, “Police, get out!” They got out of the truck and tried to run away.  Howard explained to jurors that Warren had fired on a different man earlier in the day in the area but that man ran away unharmed.

Read more here about this disturbing open and shut case of murder and cover-up against the New Orleans officers.  We still have to see how it will all work out though. We all know how disappointing the results can be.  The U.S. Department of Justice is opening  20 more cases of misconduct against officers, Warren’s is the first.

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