Video: ‘Lunga’ the Human Snake?


There is a woman out there that defies all logical human movement.  She writhes and slinks and makes her body tie into a pretzel shape.  The even more astounding feat that she accomplishes is getting herself out of multiple configurations. Her performance is unreal.  You will swear there is some sort of editing , trick mirror, something, anything, but it being a possibility that the human body can do this.

Nokulunga Buthelezi also known as “Lunga” started her contortionist career as a baby in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She’s 18-years old now and her uncanny ability to become a human maze helped her land the starring role in a huge musical production called “Afrika, Afrika” that ran in Germany for two years.  She claims to have a “snake” gene in her family that shows up every other generation.

Check her out:

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