Video: Indonesian Minister Claims Michelle Obama ‘Touched’ Him First

What kind of fraggle nackle bullcrap is going on over there in Indonesia?   We understand that they have the largest Muslim community in the world there, but what is this stuff about Michelle Obama touching an Indonesian governmental minister’s hands during an official visit to Jakarta Tuesday? If someone extends their hands, the only natural thing to do is to extend yours and shake. Especially if you’re in a  receiving line behind your husband…THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!

According to MSNBC, it appears that Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring is trying to run for Misinformation Minister with his latest tweets. He said: “I tried to prevent (being touched) with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me (so) we touched.”

When you check out this video of him waiting for her to come through the receiving line, you’ll see that he looks like he was anticipating her presence as well as handshake.  The uproar over the handshake is nothing more than a little “get back” on the part of the media.  One reporter noted that he didn’t shake her hand and he told her “Girl! You know I don’t touch women that I’m not related to.  That would not be Muslim-like.  Here’s my handkerchief if that makes you feel any better! (loosely translated)

But Sembiring really is known for his piety and conservative stance, so it showed him to be a hypocrite when he grabbed the First Lady’s hands.  He had to say something!  Check out the report here.

 -J.C. Brooks

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