CBC Will Allow Two New Black Republicans Membership

Allen West and Tim Scott

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is testing their membership waters with the proposal of two newly elected GOP representatives to Congress…oops! two African American republican representatives to Congress. The door has never been closed to republicans, but the CBC hasn’t had any in their membership in quite some time.  Congress hasn’t had any black republicans since J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

The two newest recruits, Allen West, Rep. for  Florida and Tim Scott, Rep. for South Carolina, have yet to apply for a membership into the historic Congressional organization.  West is an outspoken Tea Party Republican who seeks to end welfare and feels there’s no need for him to ask to be admitted into the CBC.  According to Huffington Post, he was on Florida’s WOR radio last week saying:

“I’m not gonna ask for permission or whatever. I think I meet all of the criteria and it’s so important that we break down this ‘monolithic voice’ that continues to talk about victimization and dependency in the black community.”

A real cupcake this one! He’s retired military and he’s in the trenches on the side of the tea party which endorsed him.  Reports say that Tim Scott is leaning toward not trying to gain membership because he feels their ideas are too different.  Duh! West thinks he’s going to walk through the door like the military and start brandishing his weapon and making folks agree. That ended his military career and it won’t go over well here either. He thinks he’s the voiced of reason amongst these lost black folk in the CBC.  It seems that’s the only reason he’s trying to join.

Read the full report here.  Oil and water just does not mix.  The CBC may feel like they are as harmless as J.C. Watts (who never was a member of the CBC), but neither of them seem like the type to want to compromise their Sarah Palin ideas of the world.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “CBC Will Allow Two New Black Republicans Membership”

  1. BEWARE CBC! These 21st Century slaves will run back and tell “Ole Massa” all that is going on!! Don’t trust them!! I agree with Brian Gumbel, I don’t see how a Black Man/Woman can be a republican. It’s like a Jewish politician wanting to be a member of the Third Reich. It don’t make no sense!!

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