Video: Middle School QB Defies Football Playbook for Touchdown

Eighth Grade Quarterback Jason Garza walks the ball into touchdown for Driscoll Middle School.

This is an exceptional play that you have never seen before in the NFL or any other football field.  The young man who is quarterback for the Corpus Christi, Tx., middle school team must have one of the greatest poker faces (and moves) of all time. He was able to pull off one of the most extraordinary fake outs you will ever see.  He left his entire opposing team completely confused. 

Quarterback Jason Garza ran the play Saturday during a middle school championship game between his school, Driscoll Middle School, and rival Wynn Seale.  According to head coach for the Driscoll Rangers, Art Rodriguez, the play is called the Penalty Play and he told the New York Daily News, “This is first time we ever tried it.” He also told NY Daily that the play was drawn up by assistant coach John Delosantos. Watch as this eighth grade quarterback “saunters” pass the other team to a touchdown.

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