Video: Kenya Police Officer Kills 10 Over HIV Infection


A community in Kenya, Siakago, was shaken by the outrage of a police officer who contracted HIV.  He was determined to kill the woman who he thought gave him the virus.  He was so enraged by the news of his status that he shot and killed 10 people in his quest to find her.

The officer turned himself in, but not before he had shot up three different bars looking for the young woman.  Included in the 10 people that were killed were two of his fellow officers.  The community immediately erupted with fury because of the officer’s ability to infiltrate their neighborhood in a terrorist-like maneuver.

And not only was he able to commit such an atrocious crime, but the community was left vulnerable because of the lack of reaction from the police.  Check it out! They took it to the street immediately.

-J.C. Brooks

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