Video: 18-Year Old Stomped to Death at House Party


Burying a child has to be the hardest thing anyone will ever experience. But when that parent finds out that their child was killed for fun or just because the assailant felt they could, the pain becomes unbearable.  A house party outside Atlanta exploded into a fight between girls in the front yard, but ended up in the death of an 18-year old boy who was not involved.

According to CNN, the victim Bobby Maurice Tillman was killed because a boy that was hit by one of the girls fighting said he would not hit a girl, but the next guy that walked passed him he was going to “beat down.”  His assailants:  Horace Damon Coleman, 19, Emanuel Benjamin Boykins, 18, Quantez Devonta Mallory, 18, and Tracen Franklin, 19, are being held without bond.

The incident occurred Saturday night and already Tillman’s mother, Monique Rivarde, is seeking justice, not only for her son, but other children who are victims of senseless violence because of the anger young people carry around with them.  Rivarde told CNN, “My son did not die in vain. Something will be done about these children attacking each other for nothing.”

God bless their family and we pray that justice will be served swiftly.  Rivarde wants to see her child’s killers get life behind bars. Check her out.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. My heart goes out to Monique because I know what it is like to have your son killed at that tender age. This brought tears to my eyes especially because of the painful way in which he was killed, how could he pay for something that he had absolutely nothing to do with? But I encourage you Monique to keep looking unto Jesus for your strength. I was encouraged by the fact that you are a Christian and therefore you do understand that we are up against a war that no human being can fight. Be encouraged by I Thessalonians 4:16, 17. I’m praying for you and your family.

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