Get Ready for Ear Cameras!

The technology that is already in place for cameras and  camcorders is off the charts.  You can do it all from your cell phone or thirdeye we rest on our laptops and desktops in the form of a webcam.  The country doesn’t get enough of these gadgets.  Now the new camcorder hitting the mean streets of technology is so small that it can hook up behind the ever popular bluetooth.

One camcorder for the ear is The Looxcie [pronounced look-see] that with the push of a button is ready for the most unexpected events. It’s perfect for children’s soccer games, school plays, etc., but why is something telling me that this is the answer to all those setting up tripods as we speak.

There’s several other cameras available and all of them are around $200.  Read here to see what’s getting ready to get you in trouble next.

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