E! Launches ‘Bridalplasty’ for Perfect Brides

E! channel is preparing for a reality show that will have brides compete for not money toward their big day, but a few cuts and tucks that will help them look their best.  The new show, Bridalplasty, is supposed to launch at the end of this month.  Every bride wants to try her best to look perfect right?  Well, this is nothing more than a chapter out of ABC’s playbook circa 2002.  Before they were making Extreme Home Makeovers there were just Extreme Makeovers.

The women didn’t compete though.  They were chosen out of thousands of applicants to have their entire body made over by plastic surgeons, trainers, nutritionists, cosmetic dentists, horse trainers, lion tamers, whips, Tao instruction, just a whole list of sadomasochistic maneuvers that helped them feel better about themselves by making them fake. This will be the same scenario.  The man will indeed walk down the aisle with a “perfect” stranger.

Check out the show’s trailer here.

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