Airline Surprised by Passenger in Full Disguise

Someone has been watching a little too much “Big Momma’s House” because we swear this guy jacked Martin’s costume for the first scene of that movie.  An unidentified elderly Caucasian man got on a plane bound for Canada from China and what would happen, but he’d have to go to the bathroom. Typical right? Anything but.   No one saw the old man again.  When the person emerged from the bathroom it was a young Asian man.  Surely someone had been watching him. A true disappearing act.

But he didn’t get far with his late Halloween antics.  Authorities were alerted and waiting for him as soon as the plane arrived in Canada’s airport.  He presented I.D. when he got on the plane and it’s a mystery why he went through with wearing the elaborate disguise.  So far, it appears he may have some immigration  issues.  Certainly he’s not getting in on the terrorist bit too!  Please do not say this is a dry run made by a young asian muslim extremist.

Read here for the full report.

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