Qantas Airlines Grounded Indefinitely After Emergency Landing

Qantas A380 evacuating passengers after engine cover blew off over Singapore.

Qantas made a very smart decision to bring their own planes down after part of the engine fell off during a flight from Singapore to Sydney, Australia.  Needless to say, they had to turn around and go back after they had only been in the air for “six minutes” according to CNN. 

But, more than likely, the turbulence passengers felt and the disturbing images they could see outside their windows kept the crew very honest about what was happening during their flight.  Those passengers seated near windows on the wing could see the engine cover and what looked like debris flying off the plane.  Then came the disturbing news that they would indeed have to circle back and set the huge double decker A380 plane back down in Singapore.

Now the airline is trying its best to do serious damage control by giving the largest planes in the world a rest until they are sure they are going to run properly.  Read here for a full account of what the passengers experienced yesterday and Singapore’s decision to take their A380’s off suspension after a recent scare of their own.

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