Class Action Lawsuits are in Jeopardy with AT&T Case

AT&T is headed to the Supreme Court next week to prevent millions from getting due retribution over phones they claimed were free, but came with numerous charges.  But the lawsuit against them could cause a hefty change for us all.  AT&T is trying to circumvent the lawsuit by attempting to get the nine judges to agree that their contracts, if accepted, cannot be breached by class action lawsuits. They want the Supreme Court to rule that if you take a contract with their company that you cannot be involved in a class action lawsuit against them.

This means a great deal to the American people because if they are convincing enough to successfully sway their ruling into their favor many other companies could do the same.  Los Angeles Times writer David Lazarus even makes the point that this ruling could carry over to employment documents as well.

Vincent and Liza Concepcion started the suit against the communications behemoth in 2006.  They contend that they as well as other Californians were duped into starting their service with the company because of the promise of free phones. Read here to see Lazarus’ report and how much deeper this lawsuit could penetrate the country. If we lose this form of recourse against companies, we will be totally vulnerable to their practices.

-J.C. Brooks

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