Tunnel Discovery Turns Up 30 Tons of Marijuana

Your local weed dealers may be experiencing a drought.  Law enforcement at the California/Mexico border uncovered nearly 30 tons of marijuana being run through a tunnel.  The tunnel that looked like a mining company had set up shop.  The tunnel was complete with “a rail system, lighting and ventilation”, according to CNN.  There’s only one entity behind such an advanced drug trafficking apparatus that has gone UNSEEN right at the border between Mexico and America…we’re not going to say it.  But a hint was given to CNN by Immigration and Customs Enforcement director John Morton: “Obviously this is a cartel and organized drug smuggling of the highest order.”

Definitely, Mr. Morton!  A “cartel” of the “highest order” is in full effect when you can run a tunnel like this into the U.S….sight unseen. But, this tunnel is not any old tunnel.  The tunnel spans 600 yards and stretches from one warehouse in Tijuana to one in San Diego. How is it possible that this immense operation was running right under our noses?  And this is nothing in comparison to what Mexican authorities seized in Tijuana last month. La Policia nabbed 105 tons in Tijuana!

Check out the rest of the story here.

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