Remember South Carolina’s Senate Candidate Alvin Greene?

Alvin Greene, 32, Democratic Senate nominee for South Carolina

We reported yesterday on South Carolina’s induction of their first black GOP representative, Tim Scott,  since the 19th century.  A man who was endorsed by Sarah Palin.  You don’t get more republican than this guy.  But, in all the fuss over Scott, and Jim DeMint’s easy slide into the Senate seat, we forgot all about DeMint’s opponent, Mr. Alvin Greene.  

DeMint’s democratic opponent slinked into the shadows with little to no appearances or campaigning on the election trail.  It was clear when he came out of nowhere to run for the Senate seat that something fishy was going on in the state of South Carolina.  We reported back in June on the mysterious behavior and lack of knowledge the man had from the beginning, not to mention his charge of sexual deviancy. James Clyburn and the rest of the democratic party REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY are wrong for not pushing the investigation into who this guy really is and where he came from to go up against DeMint as a viable democratic senate candidate for South Carolina.

You would think that he would have sharpened up his political savvy and/or knowledge, but he is still interviewing with the same …sorta…dumbness?  (Can we say that?)  He went to his reception of defeat where he would’ve gave a speech about conceding to the incumbent and his political aspirations blah blah blah! But not Greene! The room was PACKED with nearly 10 people (some of them reporters).  And all he was concerned with was what was on the menu for his reception.  This is definitely a moment for Ed Lover…C’MON SON! Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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