South Carolina Gets First Black Republican Since Reconstruction

South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott

The elections worked out in a peculiar way leaving enough work to go around for everyone.  The democrats maintained their hold on the Senate and Congress went to the Republicans. But, a major upset that occurred in South Carolina put a black man in office for the first time since Reconstruction. U.S. Congressman Henry Brown retired and left the seat up for grabs.

Rep. Tim Scott is the nation’s only African American republican in Congress since J.C. Watts left in 2003. Scott is a black man with many firsts.  According to Huffington Post, Scott was elected to the Legislature, “becoming the first black Republican lawmaker in the state in more than a century.”  Oh yes, he’s a special kind of black man.  The kind endorsed by Sarah Palin and funded by the tea party to run a landslide campaign in his district where a democrat has not been elected in over 30 years.  He was a shoe-in.

Scott is definitely a compnay man ready to the job.  South Carolina will be raising that confederate flag this morning!  The South rises again! Read more here and be scared…very scared.

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