Video: The Real Presents ‘My Girl’s A Republican’

Nationwide, everyone is hitting the voting booths, but Eric and Jeff Rosenthal will be in THE booth laying down tracks for a new comedy album.  The brothers also known as The Real, has decided to use this stormy political climate to their advantage by targeting the conservative women on the ticket just before you hit the polls tomorrow. They are trying to do a little tongue in cheek to show you what the upside is to having a conservative woman.

The first single off their new “hip hop” album, “My Girl’s A Republican” is all about the Sarah Palins, Christine O’Donnells and other staunch tea party, pro-lifers that are only on the radar of the Rosenthal brothers.  They are starting their hip hop career with comedy, of course.  One of their lyrics goes like this:

“My lady parties like she just got cash from Michael Steele/ like Roe vs. Wade my baby got that sex appeal … her giggle makes me feel complete/ she loves to laugh at the people living in the street.”

Check them out!

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