Jokey Joke: Shaq the ‘Beautiful Nightmare’? (Video)


Shaq knows he went too far for Halloween laughs this year.  His costume was beyond disturbing. Shananae, Madea, nor Wanda have anything on the ginormous, tatted up, gilla monster in a dress called Shaqeeta!  Now that he’s dating Hoopz (Flava Flav’s ex from his reality show Flava of Love), maybe she was able to tap into his inner ugly and bring this character out.

Can you imagine driving down the street on Halloween and stopping at a light only to be accosted by the ugliness of Shaq in a dress, wig and make-up lip synching to Beyonce’s “Beautiful Nightmare”? And he’s into it! Throwing his head back, trying to get a booty bounce into his chair dance routine while Hoopz acts as his pimp. And the biggest mystery in this costume gone awry is WHO IN THE HELL SELLS WOMEN’S CLOTHES IN THIS SIZE?? There’s no way we’re doing this visual justice! Hopefully, he’s as good a sport as he seems to be because he won’t be living this down anytime soon! Check it out!

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