South African Ad on Domestic Abuse Unbelievable

The domestic abuse ad you are about to see is out of South Africa and produced by a South African advocacy group called People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA).  The ad they put together is disturbing, but true.  It is yet another example of how people don’t get involved in domestic disputes to the, sometimes, demise of the person being attacked. Continue reading

Man Arrested in Argentina for Having 10 Children with His Daughter

This is the sickest story to hit the news since the guy in Austria that raped his daughter and fathered all of her children while keeping them all confined in a makeshift dungeon. This sick man in Argentina fathered 10 children by his own daughter and raped her for 30 years.  The situation was so awful that the oldest of the children committed suicide after finding out his grandfather was his father, according to CNN. Continue reading

India Airplane Takes Nose Dive While Co-Pilot Panics

Picture this…you’re on an India Express 737 en route to India from Dubai having a nice meal, probably even enjoying a movie while getting to know the person next to you when all of a sudden ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! Your flight has suddenly turned into a plummeting nightmare! People screaming, food flying everywhere as you begin to make your peace with God.  Then all of a sudden, someone who may have an “S” on his chest underneath his uniform goes flying past you…it’s the Captain. Continue reading

WikiLeaks Damaging Papers, Rumors of U.S. Security Breach

The WikiLeaks site is known for giving up the ghost to everyone on the, usually political, wrongdoings of our government and governments around the world.  But, the latest papers released from their arsenal of 250,000 different cables between U.S. officials or diplomats and others they’ve spoken with on government and/or political affairs are being made available to the general public via WikiLeaks.  Continue reading

Congressman Caught Reading Playboy on Plane

The literature that one partakes in is not a problem. We’re all adults here right?  We should be able to go anywhere we want and read whatever we want.  Wrong! The problem begins when an elected official picks himself a Playboy magazine rather than a Sky mall on an airplane to read.

John Conyers (D-Mi.), representative for Michigan, is probably a little more than pissed off at having his security and/or private time breached by a passenger in the seat next to him. Continue reading

L.A. Gives Out Heavy Fine for Jaywalking

Los Angeles has the nerve to enforce their jaywalking laws with everything else they could be doing! The city could use a few less homicides.  Why would they start to focus on jaywalking when there’s tremendous money to be made in the temporary bail money?  

The L.A. Times reported that L.A. police Lt.Paul Vernon did not condemn those that have been breaking the law, but ensures the community that he will catch up with those who might want to Continue reading

Surprise R. Kelly Soul Train Performance was Outstanding

R. Kelly really made a comeback on the Soul Train Awards Sunday night.  He was at peak performance as he commanded the stage for the entire beginning of the awards show.  It appears that time off has been good for his career because the ladies were yelling and applauding louder than anyone else. All of his controversial dealings with under age girls has been forgotten and he’s putting the audience on their feet all over again. People are really trying to give that brotha a second chance.  Continue reading

Black Friday Mayhem Photos

For those of you who were brave enough to venture out the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, to get some of the first deals of the Christmas season, there is an ode to your faces out there.  Some of you better hope no one was focusing their amateur lens on you.  Some of these people looked so serious about getting a deal that you dare not step in front of them. Continue reading