Video: Sarah Palin for President?


The media and now Sarah Palin are creating a dust storm about recent rumors of Palin running for the Oval office. Hopefully this presidential buzz won’t  build momentum toward the White House.  But for right now, it is the wicked chatter of the hour and Palin is in support of it.

The unflappable, ultra-conservative, backwoods Jane of Alaska told Entertainment Tonight that she is ready to run if “there’s nobody else to do it?” or she’s ready for the next John McCain to come her way and add her to their ticket.

Once again, this is one of those moments when we have to refer to Ed Lover.  C’MON SON! Even with the bad report card some would like to lay on President Obama not two years into his presidency, would the people of America begin to dumb down enough to lean toward Sarah Palin for President.

But, no matter how we feel, she definitely has a knack for politics. This overnight sensation has maintained her name on the radar of the American people’s politics similar to Flavor Flav’s meteoric rise from hip-hop to becoming the biggest player of reality television.  Another unlikely situation we would’ve never imagined in a million years.

Check out Sarah Palin’s serious views on her possible run as she takes ET on a tour of her home …in La La Land. And check out, what seems like, Mary Hart’s little jokey joke about the New York magazine running Palin on the cover.

-J.C. Brooks

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