Video: Director of Philly Public Housing Corruption Exposed

Philadelphia’s director of public housing took a leave of absence from his duties back in August to clear up some personal matters of his own.  Allegedly, he had to go home and grab up his belongings because his home was going into foreclosure.  But, it appears that he wasn’t being as forthright as the city thought; his stories began to unravel.

Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter told the Associated Press that since the director, Carl Green’s, absence there’s been “one revelation after another.” The man he trusted with Philadelphia’s public housing for the last 12 years had been uncovered as a “serial sexual harasser.”  This guy makes Kwame Kilpatrick look like an altar boy.  When records were investigated, they revealed that Green took nearly a million dollars in public housing funds to settle harassment charges.

But once the roof was blown off the corruption in public housing with the revelation of Green’s thievery, it turns out that was only the beginning.  Throughout the public housing authority, corruption was exposed nationwide.  Watch the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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