Terror Suspect Arrested for Planning D.C. Subway Bombing

FBI investigating Farooque's home in Ashburn, Va.

A young man in D.C. thought that he was working with his beloved al-Qaida when he was working diligently to find ways to bomb D.C.’s metro system.  The man was so sincere in his compliance with the terrorist organization that he offered money to help with the “cause.”

But, the members of al-Qaida that 34-year-old Farooque Ahmed, who is from Pakistan, thought he was working for were really FBI operatives that had been following him and setting him up for the last six months. Ahmed had turned over tapes and plans to show them how to effectively and more efficiently kill as many in the subway system as possible.

While Ahmed was planning his elaborate concoction of mayhem for D.C., he was not alone.  There are many more out there that are planning unfathomable harm to the U.S. in pockets of America that the FBI has been watching.  Read the full report here.  You may be shocked.

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