Fla. Woman Kills Baby to Play ‘Farmville’

Alexandra V. Tobias, 22, shook baby to death.

Facebook has a lot of games that you can play and a lot of people find them intriguing.  They dress up people, they manage a farm, they start their own mafia and do their very own American Top Model like game, but it’s a bunch of nothing.  It’s just mindless stuff that might help someone wind down or they’re so caught up in the game they can’t do anything else.

That was the case for 22-year old Alexandra V. Tobias, who was arrested after she shook her three month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson to death. She was so enthralled in playing “Farmville” that she became enraged by his cry for help. 

Read here for the rest of the story.

3 thoughts on “Fla. Woman Kills Baby to Play ‘Farmville’”

  1. this story is not even real “NOT ONE REAL PUBLICATION PICKED IT UP”
    come on and stop spreading bs and slamming zynga or face a lawsuit

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