Cop Takes Down Robber While Getting Her Hair Done

Feris Jones, 20 year veteran of NYPD, empties revolver on robber while off duty.

Sisters are always busy! Now a truly bizarre episode that should’ve alerted the robber to an impending ass kickin’ didn’t even register in his small brain.   He was going to try and rob A BEAUTY SALON! C’Mon Son! Of all places? If this sister wasn’t a cop, he still would’ve gotten his ass whooped.  But one sister had to get up from her press and curl to handle some ignant teenager trying to rob the very people making sure her hair is tight for a day of crime fighting. 

Winston Cox, 19, pulled a gun on the people inside a Brooklyn beauty salon Saturday night, one being off duty officer Feris Jones.  He made them go in the bathroom while he finished robbing the place.  But, ummmmmm, shouldn’t you ask for cell phones, contraband, possible items that might assist in your ass being kicked?  Well, Jones taught him a lesson.  She came out of the bathroom and let him know she was a cop and his first thought was to shoot? Bad move.

Sister Jones went Cleopatra Jones on him and she not only shot the gun out of his hand, but managed to blow the lock on the door, so the door was jammed when he tried to escape.  The story is quite heroic and she was commended even though he got away.  But, it didn’t take long for him to be apprehended.

Read the rest of this extraordinary day in the life of “Sister Cop” here.

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