Haiti Suffering from Cholera Outbreak

Haiti has yet to rebuild since suffering a massive earthquake back in January.  The reporters stopped coming and the story lost the interest of the American people as well as other nations.  Charitable organizations and volunteers are still there, but nothing new is happening on the rebuild for the city.  Now they are experiencing a health emergency with a sudden outbreak of Cholera that has “left 250 people dead and more than 3,000 sickened,” according to the Associated Press.

With these numbers, their problems have just heightened to an unbelievable status that will require a serious push from all countries that can assist.  The infection can cause death and the camps that were erected for the 1.3 million displaced by the earthquake can easily be infected due to the poor sanitation and lack of clean water to keep hands and people clean.

Read here to see one doctor’s idea on how to keep this disaster within a disaster from hitting as hard as it could.

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