Man Wins Millions for Wrongful Jail Term

Alan Newton, 49

The flawed legal system of America cannot repay any of its convicts enough for the time they lose when falsely jailed, but millions may help. One man finally got his day in court when his appeal resulted in a win after an 11-year battle to prove that he was unjustly implicated “for the rape and assault of a woman at a Bronx convenience store in 1984,” according to CNN.

 Alan Newton, 49, spent nearly 22 years behind bars.  He was actually released in 2006 with the help of The Innocent Project; the same organization that has been responsible for the release of many other prisoners by merely testing DNA.  New York’s authorities are not happy with the decision that has resulted in Newton’s winning $18.5 million.  Newton served 22 years of a 40 year sentence. 

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