Cities Are Giving Away Free Land!

The headline of this report is accurate.  In the year 2010, there is property available for FREE!!  The only problem is that some of the places may be in areas where you may not want to live.  But there’s always going to be some difficulty in a relationship right?  I mean, You expect that.  Again! The land is free!

I’m not beating around the bush, I’m merely explaining.  Now, the places that are giving away free property are in places like Kansas, Michigan, and Alaska.  They don’t ask much of you either.  You can build in the Michigan location if you bring like 25 industrial jobs. “You get five acres for 25 jobs; create 100 jobs and get 30 acres.” Not bad, right? Especially for someone starting a business.

The feds don’t give up free land, but you can get the info from the cities that are offering the land. Read the full report here. This may be right up your new alley.

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  1. It’s hotter here than usual too, but here that’s not a good thing! It’s been over 100 deeregs almost all summer. We’re used to it getting that hot, but usually we have some breaks. This has been constant. Almost no rain too, which is bad for farmers. I really wish summer had been from April through June this year!

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