Police Busted Thief with ‘I’m Me’ Tattooed on His Head

Joseph Eric "I'm Me" Williams, 19

The Florida communities that were reaping the benefits of a local thief’s iPhone collection will be sad to know he is now behind bars.  And the funniest part of him being nabbed by the coppers is that the fool ID’d himself.  He made sure that everyone knew who he was by a tat on his forehead that read “I’m Me.”  Well, that bit of information made it undeniably clear that he was the one police were looking for.

It appears that 19-year-old Joseph Eric Williams’ tattoo was an identifier that was tipped to police and made the Broward sheriff department’s job much easier.  Williams’ scheme was walking into AT&T’s stores snatching up iPhones.  Surely, he had plenty of clientele for the coveted phone.

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