Viral ‘Black Marriage’ Videos Have Some Angry

The videos about the demise of black relationships have started an unwanted conversation.  The institution of marriage has already taken a hit, but then to add insult to injury, someone puts a video up with a stereotype of a black woman rattling off her demands to a black man of what she wants from him while sitting across a conference table from her.  But, it doesn’t stop there.

They also have another video that gives black women’s perspective on how black men behave in their quest to lockdown a mate. Both scenarios default to absurdity because they are in error from the onset.  They are STEREOTYPES! There will always be problems when you deal in stereotypical behavior and serve it to the world as the rule.  You can check out the video in its entirety here, then you can check out Ronda Racha Penrice of The Griot as she gives the feedback from the black women who have expressed their anger over these ridiculous portrayals.

-J.C. Brooks

Ronda Racha Penrice of The Griot:

The women's perspective:

3 thoughts on “Viral ‘Black Marriage’ Videos Have Some Angry”

  1. That seems about right to me, now the only thing I would disagree with is if they were to say. That 100% of black women are like this, that would be the only thing i’d disagree with.

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