Facebook Secrets Exposed

Facebook has pretended to let us all in on their dirty little secrets that keep them going and keeps us asking.  We all have wondered how much our comments are being seen, why do we only see certain people on our feed, am I being seen on others’ news feeds, does anyone know how to get my posts to other people off other people’s pages…the list goes on.  But now SAI’s Business Insider, claims to know “How Facebook Decides What to Put In Your News Feed……”

Some of you have already done your homework. It’s so funny to ask a fellow FB’er how to do something when you can’ t figure it out.  They send you to the application or privacy settings that nine out of 10 times doesn’t work because you’ve missed one element of the “how to.”  Well now there’s 10 secrets they will reveal and in the top five we’ll learn how to get more of the people we want attracted to our news feed.

Check it out here.

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