Clarence Thomas’ Wife Reaches Out to Anita Hill for Apology

The case that set the precedent for all sexual harassment cases has come back to haunt us.  The reason for this little outburst after 20 years?  Who knows! But after all of these years, Clarence Thomas’s wife, Virginia Thomas, comes out of nowhere and is looking for an apology from Anita Hill.

Well, Anita Hill feels as adamantly as she ever did about Thomas making advances at her all those years ago.  She knew then like she knows now that Clarence was guilty and she has nothing to apologize to her about. So, what is the next move…call the FBI of course.  Yeah, it got serious quickly.

Anita Hill has managed to move on with her life and establish herself in a different arena as a Brandeis University professor.  She probably feels like a woman being harassed by, let’s call her a less intelligent woman who won’t let the past go.  Is she still worried about the other woman, who wasn’t an other woman just another woman?  Read more here.

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