Video: Mr. T is the Man Behind the ‘Gold Promise’

Mr. T is like P. Diddy.  He won’t stop, can’t stop! The man is finding every avenue he can to keep his name a household name…which isn’t hard.  Mr. T is nearly legendary.  You definitely won’t hear anyone stop saying “I pity the fool!” anytime soon.  He’s now making use of all of his gold and getting with the gold rush that has apparently jumped off.  MC Hammer took a crack at it with Ed McMahon and now the man with the credentials around his neck is throwing his hat in the ring.

Mr. T has become the spokesman for Gold Promise.  But he’s only promising to get others to get their gold traded in for cash.  He’s still, as he said himself, hiding his gold in a secret place.  He told CNN that the gold around his neck was company gold and called himself a company man. Check him out:

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