Video: Woman Loves Son’s Dress, Pens ‘My Princess Boy’

Cheryl Kilodavis, author of "My Princess Boy" and her son Dyson.

Plenty of parents are dealing with gender issues in their children.  One couple was working with their son Dyson’s attraction to “pretty” things.  But, apparently, according to the psychologist on the Seattle show New Day where their story was featured, the child is being merely a child and attracted to eye catching items.

Whether they’re homosexual or not, doesn’t matter.  But, his mom Cheryl Kilodavis, embraced her son’s love of girl’s clothes so much, she wrote a book entitled “My Princess Boy”.  The book is supposed to be a help for those who are bullied for this type of thing.  Apparently, she has no worries about his sexuality because she will accept him no matter what.  His father, Dean Kilodavis feels the same way.  He just wants his son to be happy.  That’s the bottom line for them both.

Do you think this is a healthy attitude? Do you think there’s a chance she’s pushing her son toward being a cross-dresser and/or homosexual?  Check them out as well as their son’s Dyson and DKobe on a segment of New Day. Even his former teacher came on the show and gave accounts of how the school supported him.

Check out the family here.

-J.C. Brooks

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