Fla. Landlord Kicks Black Woman Out for Being Black

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has stepped in for a black woman in Gibsonton, Fl., and charged her landlord with discrimination amongst other things.  Discrimination is a very nice word for what actually occurred between the woman, her children and the owners of her property.

According to PR Newswire, the owners Robert and Katherine Cairns were ready to rent to an unnamed African American woman and her three children.  In fact, the family moved in to their home and only two days after they settled in, Mr. Cairns refused their rent payment, came into the house and threw her children out and changed the locks.

Of course their mother was furious to find that her children were put on the streets while she was at work.  She alerted the police and, luckily, her children were found.  But then to add insult to injury, MRS. Cairns got upset because the woman called the police on her and her husband and when they were being brought back into their home, allegedly Mrs. Cairns threw the N word all over the place.  

Surely, you’re already pissed off, but wait till you hear what Cairns said to her.  There will probably be more to come on this story, but right now the question is, “Are they going to do some time for putting this woman’s children out in the street?”  That sounds like a criminal offense.  Doesn’t it?  Hopefully, the renter and her children will get their due justice with HUD getting involved.  Read here and see what they have in mind for the Cairns.

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