T.I. Talks Man Down from Roof

The police are so busy trying to catch T.I. red-handed in some criminalistic venture that they must have felt pretty silly coming to him for help.  It isn’t clear from CNN’s report what T.I. was doing at the scene when a young man was getting ready to jump off a hotel roof, but everyone involved was happy with the outcome of him being there.

The unidentified young man was standing atop the roof ready to commit suicide and jump off the hotel roof when T.I. magically appeared on the scene like Batman to assist police.  The hotel is the 22-story Colony Square Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.

We better not hear next week that this was a well orchestrated publicity stunt T.I.  You know how hard the police is working to dethrone you!  Hats off brother! Keep up the good work.

Read the full report here.

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