Jokey Joke: Donald Duck Gets a Foreclosure and Glenn Beck


This is not a Disney cartoon you’ve ever seen.  Donald Duck is getting scared to death by the recession.  He’s lost his job.  His house goes into foreclosure and then he is greeted by what seems to be the three ghosts of historic disasters past.  But the strange thing is that Glenn Beck is all three ghosts.  He’s telling him how bad everything has gone because of Obama, taxes, anti-capitalists, fascists, Islam, Jews…anything that he could tie to Obama, inadvertently.

The voice of Glenn Beck is blasting through the radio in Donald Duck’s house.  Then Beck tells him how he has all the answers for him if he orders now for the small price of $9.95.  So he orders the answer and the rest is hilarious.  Makes you want to choke Beck though….but nothing unusual about that!  Watch:

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