Happy Meals Will Never Die…or Decompose

The McDonald’s corporation can’t be happy campers right now.  They are already sending their spokesman out to do damage control after an artist/photographer took a Happy Meal home and sat it on the shelf for six months; taking it down only to photograph it’s status.  Apparently, the thing aged like space program food.  The thing didn’t change in appearance…not even the bun.

Usually food begins to break down when left out after a couple days; especially the bun of a sandwich.  But not old faithful! No way! That Happy Meal hung in there.  The amateur researcher, Sally Davies, said the thing only took on some sort of sheen and got hard as a rock. She’s lucky some kid didn’t come over and see it.  They probably would’ve took it down…hard and all.  They love those things!

But the spokesperson for McDonald’s rebuked the accusations of Davies’ project saying all the things you might find written on the box. “”McDonald’s hamburger patties in the United States are made with 100% USDA-inspected ground beef.” She said some more stuff, but what would you expect.  Read more here, you might think twice when the kiddies go into their Mickey D’s song at lunchtime.

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